Meet the maker.

Technical skills

Graphic design software
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark

Web design software
Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, ImageReady

Coding and programming
HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery

Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro

Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook

Scratching the surface

I'm a 30-something Web designer and graphic artist from Kentucky, currently living on the coast of New Jersey. I have two cats, a chinchilla, a husband, and a kind disposition. I enjoy Star Trek, video games, dancing and playing chess.

Art history

I was drawing before I could speak. I attended a school for the artistically gifted as a visual arts major throughout adolescence and graduated high school with my class's highest award for artistic merit. Several murals, commissions, and exhibits later I attended college, majored in Web and graphic design, graduated at the top of my class, and began working in my field. I've worked as a Web developer, a graphic designer and a newspaper editor/desktop publisher.

In art and artistry I work in clays, graphite, oils, acrylics, watercolors, enamels, and a variety of unconventional mediums. I'm a trained professional-grade leather worker and jeweler. My experience in Photoshop has crossed the dozen year mark and the rest isn't far behind. This well-rounded skill set is often applied to my design work and brings inspiration to craft a wide range of visual marvels to suit any need.

Digital Art & Design

Graphic Art

  • Paul Illustration
  • Flag Banner
  • Red Rose
  • Spider Trap
  • Djinni
  • Green Technology
  • Leaf Life Cycle
  • Quantum Physics
  • Swirl Composition
  • Sleeping Druid
Paul Illustration

Graphic Design

  • Tops In Lex Ad - Winter Publication
  • Tops In Lex Ad - New Years Publication
  • Tops In Lex Ad - Entertainment Guide Focus
  • Tops In Lex Ad - Full Page Features
  • Collateral Piece For Knoxville TN
  • Collateral Piece For Bundles
  • 2.5 Page Spread For Phone Book
  • 2.5 Page Spread For Phone Book
  • 2008 Addy Awards
  • Annie Advertisement
  • Phone Book Cover - Miami FL
  • Phone Book Cover - Palm Beach FL
  • Phone Book Cover - Knoxville TN
  • Phone Book Cover - Knoxville TN
  • Entertainment Guide - Nashville TN
  • Entertainment Guide - Murfreesboro TN
  • Bengals Event Invitation
  • Booth Poster Design For The Junior League Of Lexington
2008 Addy Awards

Logo Design

  • Free KY logo
  • Mero Multimedia logo
  • Miami Blaze logo
  • Red Lotus Henna logo
  • Waterlily Designs logo
  • Booteek logo
  • Poi Boutique logo
  • Sterling Decor Concepts logo
Free KY logo

Web Design

  • Tipper Tips website
  • Oak website
  • Ellen Guyer website
  • The Amzing World Of EverQuest II website
  • Tipper Tips website
  • Portfolio Of Erin Jensen website
  • Tipper Tips website
  • The Last Genuine Leather Company website
  • Partisan Hack website
  • Free KY Festival website
  • Bonnaroo website
  • Gamers Zone website
  • template - Zodiac website
Tipper Tips website

Photo Manipulation

  • Jamie
  • Jennifer
  • Jonathan
  • Kathy
  • Leah
  • Lexington Center
  • Mystical Lily
  • Robbins Wedding
  • Summer To Winter Conversion
  • Young Lady
  • Maisy
  • Marie
  • Virginia
  • My Grandmother
  • Anna
  • Chris
  • Aimee
  • Bianca
  • Brandy
  • Jacob
Maisy colorization

Fine Art & Artistry

Fine Art

  • Troll Sketch
  • Study - pointillism
  • Coffee House Mural - Commission
  • Wood Maiden
  • Child Self Portrait
  • Portrait of Bill Clinton
  • Portrait of Johnny Depp
  • Portrait of Little Girls - Commission
  • Study - Hands
  • Study - Flowers
  • Elf Sketch
Portrait Of Bill Clinton


  • Mario Brothers Piranha Plant Necklace - Mixed Media
  • Acrylic, Oil And Embroidery On Canvas With Crystals
  • Starfish Earrings - Acrylic And Enamel On Canvas
  • Seashell Jewelry Set
  • HTML Jewelry Set - Leather-Backed Embroidery
  • Tiny Turtle Sculpture Necklace - Acrylic And Enamel On Molded Canvas And Suede
  • Barrel Full Of Monkeys Necklace - Acrylic And Enamel On Plastic
  • Dragonfly Necklace Crafted From Burning Bush Leaves And Lilac Stems
  • Blue Morpho Butterfly Cuff - Acrylic And Enamel On Molded Canvas
  • Monarch Butterfly Necklace - Acrylic And Enamel On Molded Canvas And Leather
  • Leaf Butterfly Earrings Crafted From Preserved Maple Leaves
  • Betta Fish Earrings - Organdy And Copper
  • Luna Moth Necklace - Acrylic And Enamel On Canvas With Feather Accents
  • Robin Goodfellow Mask - Stoneware
  • Yoda
  • Sleeping Aquatic Fairy - Polymer Clay
  • Fairy With Broken Wing - Polymer Clay
  • Phoenix Butterfly Mask - Leather
  • Daisy Clock - Leather
  • Prize Belt For The 2006 Waffle Eating Championships - Leather
  • Tooled And Embroidered Bracer - Leather
  • Tooled And Studded Bracer - Leather
  • Guitar Necklace - Suede
  • Celtic Knotwork Choker - Painted Canvas
  • Lily Choker - Mixed Media
  • Mantis Cuff - Mixed Media
Robin Goodfellow Mask - Stoneware


Feel free to fire an email at me if you have any comments or questions -- just replace the (at) in the address with an @ sign and remove the spaces. This method ensures a quicker response by saving me from sorting through quite as much spam mail.

cheryl.robbins (at)

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